Wander Trimmer


The Wander Trimmer provides the perfect combination of precision hand trim with the efficiency of a commercial leaf trimmer. The Wander Trimmer will save you 60-80 percent of your time, will not damage your flowers, collects all of your clipped leaf for processing and allows you to hang-dry your plants. The Wander Trimmer is proudly made in the USA and comes with a 1-year warranty.


How it works:

The suction created by the vacuum pulls the leaf away from the undisturbed flower and into the cutting slot where the blade spins and cuts. Your undamaged trimmed leaf is then deposited into your shop vac for easy processing. When used properly, the Wander Trimmer provides a very tight, consistent cut without “nicking” your flowers.

Elements of Control:

Placement of the Cutting Slot – Trimming with the Wander Trimmer truly is hand trimming. Like scissors, the Wander Trimmer gives you complete control of the cutting slot allowing you to effortlessly trim your leaf without damaging or “nicking” your flowers.

Suction – The Wander Trimmer comes with a vacuum speed control that can be dialed up or down depending on the size of flowers you are trimming. For the smaller stuff, you may want to dial down the suction to prevent the flowers from being pulled off of the stem. For larger flowers you may want more suction to quickly pull the leaf into the cutting slot increasing your efficiency.

Blade Speed – You can control the blade speed on top of the electric motor. We recommend running on half speed.



  • Input voltage - 115 volts
  • Current Draw - 1.7 amps
  • Hertz - 60

Vacuum Speed Control

  • Input voltage - 115 volts
  • Current Draw - 15 amp max

Size / Weight

  • Comes in 20" x 10" x 10" toolbox
  • Weighs only 20 pounds


  • 1 lb / hour (dry weight)

When shopping for a mechanical trimmer, you should take any generic pounds per hour rating with a great deal of skepticism. There are simply too many variables to consider such as work ethic, strain, size, density, amount of leaf, etc. to provide a pounds per hour rating that would be remotely close to reality.

Instead, we prefer to give productivity measurements as a percentage of time savings over scissor trimming. This is especially true for the Wander Trimmer because trimming with the Wander Trimmer IS hand trimming. The idea is, if you trim fast with scissors then you are likely to trim fast with the Wander Trimmer. If you trim slow with scissors then you will likely trim slow with the Wander Trimmer as well.

You can realistically expect to save about 60-80% of your time by using the Wander Trimmer. See the chart below to derive your productivity rate:

Wander Bud Trimmer Pounds Per Hour Chart

Still not satisfied? Here are actual numbers from one of our large dispensary clients in Denver, Colorado.

Their average weight per plant is about 3.5 ounces. Each of their workers is expected to trim a minimum of 20 plants in an 8-hour day. Most trim about 30 plants and some can trim as many as 50 plants in an 8-hour day. Here is how the math works out:

20 plants x 3.5oz = 70 ounces or 4.4 pounds (0.6 pounds per hour)

30 plants x 3.5oz = 105 ounces or 6.6 pounds (0.9 pounds per hour)

50 plants x 3.5oz = 175 ounces or 10.9 pounds (1.4 pounds per hour)

The answer to this question varies from region to region and person to person depending on how much people are accustom to paying for trimming. Some growers pay by the hour while others prefer to pay by the dried pound. Below you will find a simple payback calculation at $160/pound or $20 for 8 hours. If you pay more/less or it takes your trimmers more/less time to trim 1 pound simply plug your numbers into the equations below to figure out your payback period.

Simple Payback Calculation - $20/hour: Payback Period = 2-6 days

Assuming it takes the average hand trimmer 8 hours to trim 1 pound with scissors and that trimmer makes $20/hour, it would cost $160 to trim one pound.

$20/hour x 8 hours/pound = $160/pound

If that same trimmer were using the Wander Trimmer, he/she would trim the same pound in approximately 1.5 to 3 hours (see productivity chart in previous answer). That would cost $30 to $60 per pound.

$20/hour x 1.5 hours/pound = $30 per pound (fast)

$20/hour x 3 hours/pound = $60 per pound (slow)

With the Wander Trimmer, you would save $100 to $130 per pound so the machine at $1,500 would pay for itself in 11.5 to 15 pounds or roughly 3 to 6 days of trimming.

1.5 Hours/Pound Payback Period Calculation

$160/pound (scissor trim) - $30/pound (Wander Trimmer) = $130 savings/pound

$1,500 (MSRP Wander Trimmer) / $130 savings/pound = 11.5 pounds

11.5 pounds x 1.5 hours/pound = 17.25 hours or roughly 2.15 days

3 Hours/Pound Payback Period Calculation

$160/pound (scissor trim) - $60/pound (Wander Trimmer) = $100 savings

$1,500 (MSRP Wander Trimmer) / $100 savings/pound = 15 pounds

15 pounds x 3 hours/pound = 45 hours or roughly 5.6 days

No. The Wander Trimmer will do no damage to your flowers whatsoever. The suction created by the vacuum pulls the leaf away from the undisturbed flower and into the cutting slot where the helix shaped blade spins and cuts. When used properly, the Wander Trimmer provides a very tight, consistent cut without “nicking” your flowers.

Here is what our client, Greener Acres, has to say about the quality of the trim.

“As far as quality goes, there is NO difference between hand trimming with scissors and using the Wander Trimmer, if anything the Wander Trimmer gives a better, more consistent trim than scissors.”

-Craig, Owner of Greener Acres, Maine

Need to see it to believe it? Check out this video to see the Wander Trimmer in action

You can trim either wet or dry with the Wander Trimmer but the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. If your plant is completely dry, the leaves will be crispy and unable to be easily sucked into the cutting slot. This will result in a loss of time savings. Also, the drier your plant, the more risk there is of the vacuum sucking some of the trichomes off the flowers. This will not happen when the plant is wet.

For maximum efficiency, we recommend you trim wet or within a day or two of taking down your plants. You will need to experiment to see what works best for your strains, preferences and constraints.

No. There is a simple method to keeping your Wander Trimmer clean and running smoothly during operation. Take a look at our Wander Trimmer Instructional Video for step-by-step instructions.

Note: Keeping the the main tube clean is the single most important technique to learn to achieve 60-80% time savings. We cannot stress the importance enough of learning the easy on the fly cleaning and lubrication method.

If you have purchased a Wander Trimmer prior to December, 2013, please check out our redesigned “main tube.” The new 2014 design has additional room around the blade to give the inevitable build-up a place to occur away from the spinning blade. This reduces drag, and consequently the amount of lubrication and cleaning necessary during operation. Wander Trimmer retro-fits can be purchased for $175.

Yes. We meet a lot of people who have the stickiest flowers ever and they can all use the Wander Trimmer without issue if they simply learn the easy on the fly cleaning and lubrication method.

The Wander Trimmer is a breeze to clean. Please watch the Wander Trimmer instructional videos for a detailed explanation.

The Wander Trimmer runs on standard voltage, either 120 or 240 (depending on the model). It has a fuse that will trip in case of power surges but it is recommended to run it through a power conditioning strip (like you would use for a computer) if running off of a generator.

The Wander Trimmer is compatible with any wet/dry vacuum as we provide a power regulator to adjust the power/suction and a vacuum hose adapter to fit any sized vacuum hose. We have found using the "Bucket Head" vacuum from Home Depot or something similar works best. It costs about $25 including the bucket.

The entire wand assembly with the exception of the bearings is waterproof. The shaft, sheath, motor, and speed control are not. The only components that need to be cleaned are the wand and the hose, which takes but a minute or two. Again, be sure to watch the instructional videos.

The loudest component is the wet/dry vacuum, which when dialed down for optimal use is considerably less noisy. If you are running several machines at the same time, we recommend buying vacuum hose extensions and and putting the vacuums in another room. Some people choose to have a room for trimming and a room for drying; they put the vacuums in the adjacent drying room and run the hoses through the wall into the trimming room. You can also put the vacuum in a closet. This makes for a quiet, efficient work environment.

The Wander Trimmer is the only machine on the market that combines the precision of hand trimming with the speed of a mechanical trimmer. It will not damage your flowers whatsoever, it will save you 60-80 percent of your time, it collects all of your undamaged trim for processing and allows you to hang dry your plants.

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