EZ PRESS (SL) – Rosin Press


Product Description

EZTRIM’s EZ PRESS is the world’s best rosin press. The EZ PRESS (SL) uses heat and pressure for extraction and enables up to 60% yields. You can press your flowers and trim. No need for butane, co2, purging or heavy equipment that is dangerous to use.

How it works:

Instructions for use:
1. Power on the unit
2. Set the temperature to 93.3-132 degrees Celsius 200-270 degrees Fahrenheit for both plates (temp is preset at factory to 104.4 degrees C or 220 degrees F)
3. Fill the micron tubes with 1 OZ. of product
4. Distribute the product evenly through the tube
5. Fold over 2” of the tube at the open end
6. Place the tube between 2 sheets of parchment paper
7. Place the tube and parchment paper centered over the heat plate
8. Press the 2 heat plates together for 30 sec. to 1 minute
9. Release the heat plates and remove the tube and parchment paper
10. Empty the tube and repeat steps 3 through 9

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